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August 24
Take 5: Back to School with Jeffrey Pellegrino
By Kathryn Grandstaff

On this week’s “educational” episode, Craig and I talk to Dr. Jeffrey Pellegrino of the American Red Cross about back-to-school safety tips. Here are our top 5 takeaways this week:
  1. Back-to-school safety doesn't only involve parents and school administration—entire communities must be proactive to ensure that all children enjoy a safe return to the classroom. This includes maintaining safe neighborhoods for children walking to and from school.
  2. School’s back in session and that means more traffic—especially school buses. Drivers must pay careful attention to crosswalks and pedestrians and take note of school zones and speed limits.
  3. Overwhelmed by the thought of first aid training? Not sure how to apply first aid? Check out the First Aid App from the American Red Cross, and all the tools you need will be at your fingertips.
  4. Back to school means back to learning, so why not enroll your children in a first aid course? The Red Cross has programs designed for school-aged children, offering lessons in basic first aid and CPR. Learn more about the variety of programs offered by the Red Cross.
  5. For more information and additional Red Cross back-to-school safety tips, please visit the Red Cross’s “Keep it Safe When You Head Back to School” Web page.
Listen to Safe & Sound to find your own takeaways. Safe & Sound is also available as a subscription on iTunes.


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