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September 18
Take 5: September Government Affairs Update with Aaron Trippler

By Kathryn Grandstaff

On this week’s “insider” episode, Craig and I talk to Aaron Trippler, AIHA's Director of Government Affairs, about the latest happenings on Capitol Hill. Here are our top 5 takeaways this week:

  1. Although Congress is back to work, a new federal budget has not been approved. However, a continuing resolution (CR) has been passed, allowing agencies and departments to operate under their current budget allocations until March 2013.
  2. Craig and I learn about that little thing called “sequestration.” The federal government may enter into sequestration because Congress failed to come up with adequate spending cuts following enactment of the Budget Control Act. This law stated that if Congress failed to cut spending by about $1.4 trillion, then automatic spending cuts would take effect on Jan. 1.
  3. With the presidential election just weeks away, not many items have been placed on the congressional agenda for voting. The result of the November elections will determine which political issues and agendas become priorities.
  4. All federal agencies will face a proposed 8 percent budget cut in the drafted budget. For agencies like OSHA, this may mean they will face cuts across the board. However, groups like NIOSH (housed within the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) will fall under the discretion of their parent organization and may face larger cuts by proxy.
  5. For more information about AIHA’s government affairs, including federal and state legislative activity, please visit the AIHA website.

Listen to Safe & Sound to find your own takeaways. Safe & Sound is also available as a subscription on iTunes.


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