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September 24
Washington Insider: Congress Leaves Town
By Aaron Trippler

Well, well, well! Congress has left town and won’t return until after the November election. So what did they do during the last couple of weeks after returning from their summer recess? Zippo! They not only didn’t enact anything of consequence, they were lucky to even keep the government open after Sept. 30.
Instead of passing a federal budget for the fiscal year beginning Oct. 1 (the third year in a row with no budget), they passed a continuing resolution that provides for continued funding until April 1 of next year. No point in tackling any of the major problems we are facing in this country—let's just go home and run for re-election!
If you run into your elected official, all you need to do is ask this simple question: What are you going to do about the expiration of the Bush-era tax cuts on Jan. 1? What are you going to do about the 2 percent decrease in everyone's paycheck on Jan. 1 because of the return of Social Security withholding? What are you going to do about the possible sequestration on Jan. 1 that will result in an approximate 8 percent reduction in funding for nearly every federal agency including OSHA, MSHA, EPA and NIOSH? 
Going to be exciting times coming up.


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