Value Strategy Manual

AIHA Value Strategy ManualThe Academy of Industrial Hygiene sponsored the project team and work to transform the 2008 Value of the Profession Study into a resource for practitioners. That resource, the AIHA® Value Strategy Manual, outlines the processes and procedures needed to evaluate EHS programs and initiatives to determine their impact on worker health and an organization's business. Additionally, there are sample checklists, spreadsheets and other tools to aid practitioners in conducting their own value assessment.

In its simplest form, the AIHA® Value Strategy represents a framework to logically develop a business case and support it with relevant financial and nonfinancial information and can be applied and scaled:

  • To a range of projects from complex multimillion dollar projects and programs to narrowly scoped projects and programs costing a few thousand dollars
  • To multinational companies and small companies
  • For government and not-for-profit organizations
  • By senior- and junior-level industrial hygienists

In its 14 chapters, the Manual will take you through the seven steps of the AIHA® Value Strategy and provide you with approaches, examples and tools. From the familiar, such as risk assessment and hazard identification, to the [perhaps] foreign, such as financial and non-financial benefits quantification, the Manual lays out the process needed to develop and present the business case to your stakeholders and decision makers.

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