October 15, 2020

Reach Consumers, Decision Makers with AIHA's Consultants Listing

AIHA’s Consultants Listing is consulting professionals’ link to building a larger network. The Consultants Listing features an online layout and search function that allow consumers searching for an industrial hygienist or occupational and environmental health and safety consultant to find the expert they need in their ZIP code. Every year, AIHA distributes the Consultants Listing nationwide to thousands of decision makers in a variety of industries, including legal, real estate, trade associations, academia, healthcare, and agencies at all levels of government. Federal agencies such as EPA, FEMA, and OSHA regularly refer consumer inquiries to consultants listed in AIHA’s Consultants Listing for assistance.

Consultants can display their company logo in both the online Consultants Listing and the print version. The deadline to submit order forms for next year's printed Consultants Listing is Dec. 17, 2020. AIHA’s website provides further information about advertising in the Consultants Listing. Please email Wanda Barbour or call (703) 846-0782 with questions.