AIHA's New Mentoring Program

AIHA has launched a new exclusive, AIHA member only, mentoring platform that includes one-step enrollment, algorithm-based matching of mentors and mentees, mobile accessibility, calendar syncing, and online chat, and video call capabilities. With the new platform, your user experience will be easier, faster, and more meaningful. Read more about the new platform in the SynergistNOW blog titled, The Future of Mentoring.

5 Reasons to Become a Mentor

  1. Improve communication and soft-skills
  2. Develop leadership and management qualities
  3. Enhance your own knowledge of a subject
  4. Boost your confidence and motivation
  5. Add value to your CV and further your volunteer experience

Mentoring is investing and nurturing in the future of the profession and the individuals who make it up. Allowing mentees to tap into your professional and personal experiences expand their opportunities and is a meaningful way to make a difference in their lives and advance the industry.

To join the mentoring program, click here to get started.

5 Reasons to Find a Mentor

You’ll get expert guidance on:

  1. Personal and career goals and growth
  2. Interview tips and techniques
  3. Presentation and public speaking expertise
  4. Building your net worth and network
  5. Achieving excellence in leadership, diversity, and inclusion

Gain real-world insight through the experience of a mentor.

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One of my mentors really helped me push and get involved and into AIHA. It was the gentle nudge that has really helped me...

Srinivas Durgam, CIH, CSP
AIHA Board Member