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Currently featured in the November 2019 Synergist

Dermal Sensitizers

What Does Our Immune System Already Know?

Skin sensitization is one of the most frequently encountered hazards in the workplace, yet one of the most perplexing to predict and prevent. Why is it so difficult to predict if an individual will react with a skin sensitization, and how can sensitization be prevented?

Battling the Reptilian Brain

Work-Management Tips for Overcoming Distractions

Distractions are all around us. Between work assignments, meetings, emails, family issues, social media, and the current political climate, it’s a wonder any of us accomplish anything. Fortunately, becoming a top performer in a world of distractions is quite simple. We just need to refine a few basic skills.

Cost Estimates for OEHS Recommendations

Techniques for Pricing Out Health and Safety Matters

To provide or ensure a safe and healthy environment, every OEHS professional makes recommendations to management. There is always a cost associated with any such recommendation. Sometimes determining the cost is simple, like finding the price of a respirator in a catalog. Often, however, estimates are more complex than that.

Features from the October 2019 Synergist

The Journey to "Be Well"

Implementing Total Worker Health in Eugene, Oregon

In the last few years, Eugene, Ore. has proven to be an ideal environment for implementing the NIOSH Total Worker Health initiative. The city serves as an excellent example of how medium-sized or small organizations can engage with TWH.

First Choice

Consensus Standards, Technology, and the IH Professional

The National Technology Transfer and Advancement Act requires that government agencies use consensus standards. As a result, consensus standards have begun to appear with more regularity in federal directives, guidelines, regulations, and requirements by citation or by reference.

Take Control of Your Development

A Guide to Planning Your Career

A critical tool for every professional (not just early-career professionals) is a formal development plan—a roadmap that helps ensure you meet your personal and professional goals. Even seasoned professionals need to review their development plans and their career progression.

Sponsored Content: Go with the Flow

Essential Tips for Low-Flow Sampling

With over 100,000 different chemicals in use in industries across the globe, correct monitoring and reporting procedures have perhaps never been more vital in ensuring worker safety and legal compliance.

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