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Currently featured in the January 2020 Synergist

Advances in Understanding Noise Exposures

Key Findings from the National Occupational Research Agenda for Hearing Loss Protection

The new NIOSH agenda for hearing loss prevention research contains significant new insights from the latest science concerning hearing loss, which impacts communication in the workplace. The document also presents critical new information regarding age correction and vulnerable populations.

Respirator Use at High Altitudes

Examining a Common Misunderstanding about Atmosphere-Supplying Respirators

Does an SCBA (self-contained breathing apparatus) respirator protect wearers from oxygen-deficient atmospheres due to increasing altitude? The answer may surprise you.

Exercising Judgment with Office Furniture

Are "Active Workstations" the Solution to Excessive Sitting?

More employees are requesting to incorporate treadmills, stationary bicycles, exercise balls, and sit-stand desks into workstations. While the health benefits of these "active" workstations may appear obvious, occupational health and safety professionals need to consider their potential impacts on workplace safety and productivity.

Features from the December 2019 Synergist

The Other Hygienists

Occupational Health and Safety in the Dental Industry

Dentists and dental personnel face unique occupational exposures, including bacteria, viruses, dusts, gases, radiation, and other respiratory hazards. In addition, many dental offices are small employers that may be exempt from some OSHA requirements. What does all this mean for dental workers when it comes to workplace hazards?

Ototoxicants and Hearing Impairment

The Challenge for Occupational Hygiene

Noise has traditionally been considered the primary risk factor for hearing loss. However, recent evidence suggests that exposures to chemicals commonly found in industrial environments may affect hearing alone or in combination with noise exposure.

Sealing the Deal

The Role of the EHS Professional during an Acquisition

Your company has decided that its financial performance supports “inorganic growth,” or making an acquisition. But the board of directors is concerned about environmental, health, and safety sustainability and the need to avoid assuming unknown EHS liabilities. As the EHS professional, you will play a key role in this process.

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Pulsation, Precision, and Silica: The "New Asbestos"

Casella's Tim Turney writes: "Just as perceptions of asbestos shifted as its impacts on health came to light, we are now seeing a similar shift regarding a substance that many are hailing as 'the next asbestos'—crystalline silica."

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