A professional association's growth is fueled by members' large and small volunteering projects.

The term "micro-volunteering" refers to volunteer opportunities to complete small tasks necessary for the success of a larger project or goal. The opportunities typically take only minutes or an hour to complete and don't require a long-term commitment.

Are any of these micro-volunteering activities just right for your busy schedule?

  • Develop educational content for AIHA Connect, e-learning, road courses, etc.
  • Attend a Career Day at a local school using AIHA's FREE outreach materials
  • Develop publications, guidelines, fact sheets, white papers, best practices, or other media, in accordance with the content priorities, for advancing the profession
  • Actively support government relations projects/activities at the state and Federal level
  • Support public relations projects/activities
  • Present testimony at public, technical, or other hearings
  • Gather and submit responses to requests for comments regarding technical or policy issues published by agencies, consensus organizations, and others
  • Serve as an AIHA liaison to other organizations or associations
  • Work with other institutions (official liaisons) to develop products or services useful to AIHA members and the profession
  • Submit articles to the JOEH or The Synergist
  • Submit blog posts to the SynergistNOW
  • Post on Catalyst
  • Provide technical assistance and review when requested by AIHA staff
  • Work in conjunction with the Content Portfolio Advisory Group (CPAG) to identify and assist in addressing and/or tracking issues of future importance to the profession
  • Evaluate existing content under the CPAG process
  • Engage in other activities that benefit the Association and its members
  • Volunteer with Safety for NonProfits (S4NP), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization of EHS professionals that provide occupational health and safety services on a pro bono basis to charities in their communities.