Perhaps it seems that sponsorship is just high-profile advertising. But maybe you’ve wondered whether sponsorship does anything for you as an AIHA member. Think of it this way: sponsorship helps you connect with individuals and organizations that share your mission and values and allows AIHA to put together a complete network of resources for you to access.

Through their combined annual spending across multiple platforms within the AIHA enterprise, their support is helping us to reach our goals, such as offering top-of-class education and professional development opportunities, fostering healthier workplaces in emerging economies, and awarding scholarships to fortifying our pipeline of the next generation of IH practitioners.

Our Hamilton Club partners are industry suppliers and other allied organizations highly invested in our mission of empowering and advancing those who apply scientific knowledge to protect all workers and their communities from occupational and environmental hazards.

They create the products and services our IH and OEHS professionals need to prevent worker illness and injury successfully. The visibility of sponsors’ names signals to you as an industrial hygiene or occupational and environmental health and safety professional that these organizations are prepared to support you on your journey to protect worker health.

Hopefully, our members can connect with a sponsor organization to work with in the future, possibly by purchasing their products or paying for their services. But, essentially, our Hamilton Club participants are trusted partners with AIHA. They provide more opportunities for you to improve yourself; their dedicated sponsorship is another tool AIHA uses to empower your success in your career.

Who is Alice Hamilton?

Alice Hamilton

Initially trained as a physician, Alice Hamilton was the foremost practitioner of industrial toxicology in the early part of the 20th century. Her main area of research was on industrial hazards, most notably lead.

While Alice never held a leadership position in AIHA, her work profoundly influenced the Association’s earliest members. Indeed, many of the first laws and regulations passed to improve workers' health directly resulted from her work and research.

Learn More About Alice

Discover the remarkable life of this incredible woman - from her own words! Purchase your copy of her autobiography today.

Exploring the Dangerous Trades: The Autobiography of Alice Hamilton, M.D. (2009)

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