The primary goal of the Hamilton Club is to strengthen our partnerships to further the mission of creating knowledge to protect worker health. Just as Alice Hamilton's work exerted a profound influence on the field of industrial hygiene, AIHA considers its top participants as thought leaders and contributors who, through their innovation and expertise, are shaping the future of the profession.

Who is Alice Hamilton?

Alice Hamilton

Initially trained as a physician, Alice Hamilton was the foremost practitioner of industrial toxicology in the early part of the 20th century. Her main area of research was on industrial hazards, most notably lead.

While Alice never held a position of leadership in AIHA, her work exerted a profound influence on the Association’s earliest members. Indeed, many of the first laws and regulations passed to improve the health of workers were the direct result of her work and research.

How It Works

Within the Club are four tiers, comprised of benefits of increasing value. A participating partner organization will be eligible, based on their annual spending, for the benefits aligned with the appropriate tier. These benefits have been designed to offer each member exclusive member access, elevated recognition, increased brand exposure, and thought leadership/content contribution opportunities. You can explore the 2022 Hamilton Club Benefits here.

Those who have been with AIHA for a while might notice some resemblance to our former Industry Partner Program. As the Association and our partner organizations evolve, we are striving to change the partnership dynamic and provide a heavier emphasis on content contribution and collaboration.

We have heard time and again that companies desire the following:

  • More direct and quantifiable access to AIHA members and event attendees.
  • More content contribution via presentation opportunities, sponsored content in our premiere publication The Synergist, hosting webinars, and more.
  • Ways to enhance the perception of our partners as “thought leaders” and experts in their fields.
  • Opportunities to mine our membership and event data for valuable marketing information via surveys, questionnaires, and emerging data methodology.
  • PR and social media opportunities highlighting our partners in their giving and volunteering within the profession.

As a Hamilton Club member, you'll find these desires fulfilled in ways that will elevate your partnership and contribution to the overall mission of AIHA: Protecting worker health.


People find it intriguing that a woman, especially one viewed as 'very feminine and even fragile,' as some considered her, achieved so much in a line of work once considered very masculine.

Barbara Sicherman
Hamilton biographer

Her investigations of working conditions in various industries and the persuasive way she presented her findings to initially incredulous company managers continue to serve as models for today’s industrial hygienists.

From "Alice Hamilton: Crusader and Scientist"

Areas of Impact

It's critical for Club members (and future members) to understand that this is not a simple “rewards” program. We aim for our Club partners to engage with us within at least two of the following areas:

I. Conference Exhibiting & Sponsorship

II. Print & Digital Advertising and Sponsored Content (e.g., webinars, blogs)

III. Organizational membership

IV. Foundation Support

Examples of Unique Benefits

Qualified partners of the Hamilton Club are eligible for a variety of benefits, depending on tier level. Some of these benefits could be:

  • Press release issued when accepted.
  • Reserved “AIHA guided” presentations at conferences if attending.
  • Industry advocacy opportunities, such as accompanying our Director of Government Relations for a Hill Day or a briefing on Capitol Hill.
  • A guest seat on a committee, providing influence and content structure contribution.
  • A feature in a Synergist article, blog, video, press release, or other AIHA site content, positioned as a subject matter expert in a particular topic.
  • Opportunities to directly address our Local Sections and Volunteer Groups.

​This list is not comprehensive; tier benefits and opportunities will be detailed with each tier description.

Hamilton Club Member Recognition

All of our Hamilton Club members will be recognized as appropriate level tier partners at every AIHA event. We will also showcase your partnership through: ​

  • The Association's media kit.
  • Highlighted on and associated event websites.
  • Inclusion in the Association's communication plan through the use of corporate branding logos on appropriate emails and marketing collateral.
  • A special VIP event at AIHce.
  • Specialized member ribbons at AIHA events.
  • Use of exclusive Hamilton Club logo and branding materials in your corporate communications.
  • Enhanced listing and recognition within our Vendor Directory.

For more information​ about Hamilton Club membership, please contact Laura Cilano Garcia, Program Director of Strategic Partnerships.


Surviving letters suggest that some manufacturers at least found her evidence persuasive and disturbing and tried to implement changes that she recommended, including such things as improved ventilation, respirators, weekly medical examinations, and the like.

Barbara Sicherman
Hamilton biographer

Learn More About Alice

Discover the amazing life of this incredible woman - from her own words! Purchase your copy of her autobiography today.

Exploring the Dangerous Trades: The Autobiography of Alice Hamilton, M.D. (2009)