The Synergist Magazine

The Synergist Magazine and the Digital Synergist

The Synergist is the number-one member benefit of AIHA members. Readers depend on the magazine for in-depth news and information about the industrial hygiene profession and the occupational and environmental health and safety fields. As their day-to-day challenge of protecting 30 million workers from short- and long-term health hazards evolves, so does the content from The Synergist.​

T​he Synergist is also available to members in a fully digital format, known as the Digital Synergist. This online, mobile-friendly version of the print magazine is optimized for viewing on desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones, and includes exclusive digital-only advertising opportunities. Digital Synergist articles are cross-promoted through other member communication channels, including the Synergist Weekly e-newsletter and Digital readers also enjoy exclusive digital-only content!

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The Synergist W​eekly

Published on Wednesdays in 2018 and MOVING to THURSDAY for 2019, The Synergist Weekly is AIHA’s primary vehicle for covering news about the OEHS industry and AIHA. The activities of U.S. government agencies—OSHA, NIOSH, EPA, CSB, among others—and their Canadian and European counterparts are the Weekly’s major focus. Also included are relevant news and publications from universities, related nonprofits, and research organizations such as IRSST.

The Weekly is where to find items about AIHA courses, webinars, conferences, and publications. Every issue of the Weekly features a link to the digital version of an article from the current Synergist. All of the content in the Weekly originates from AIHA. A sample issue​ is available on the AIHA website.

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The Syne​rgist N​ewswire

Published on Friday for 2018 and MOVING to TUESDAY for 2019, The Synergist Newswire, which primarily serves as a conduit to reporting on OEHS-related topics by media organizations, collects articles from a variety of sources to reflect media coverage of the IH and OHS industries. Every issue offers a recap of leading stories from the current week, delivered right to the member’s inbox.

Each e-newsletter offers an exclusive advertising opportunity, allowing businesses valuable visibility and access to the IH/OH community week after week.

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SynergistNOW Blog

SynergistNOW, a blog created and delivered by the American Industrial Hygiene Association, offers ideas, insights, and perspectives on important topics affecting industrial and occupational hygiene professionals, written by and for experienced IH/OHs, researchers, academics, and AIHA leaders.​​​

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Synergist Sponsor​ed Webinars

Synergist Sponsor​ed Webinars

Position your organization as a thought leader and build your brand awareness among the members of AIHA through an educational webinar opportunity.

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Synergist Product Demos

Synergist Product Demos

Feature a product or service in a 30-minute presentation outlining the features and benefits. Great for a product launch or to boost awareness of a current product.

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