Occupational and environmental health and safety (OEHS) professionals anticipate health and safety concerns and design solutions to prevent them. They are the guardians of workplace safety, applying science to identify and solve health and safety problems. OEHS professionals also unite management, workers, and all segments of a company behind the common goal of health and safety​.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

AIHA Events

Our aim is to enhance your exposure, strengthen your credibility, and help set you up for increased lead conversions. As a sponsor, your brand will be featured in front of thousands of industrial hygiene and OEHS professionals across the country and beyond.

AIHA Websites

AIHA has several websites with highly targeted content for the OEHS professional, businesses, and consumers looking for information in the health and safety space.

The Synergist

AIHA members consider The Synergist Magazine and the Digital Synergist as their number-one member benefit. A multi-award winning publication, The Synergist keeps today's OEHS professionals up-to-date on important trends, topics, and news.

The Catalyst

Igniting connections in the OEHS professionals community, our members share, network, and collaborate here. This online forum is available to all AIHA members and is a highly interactive space for conversations, questions, feedback, and more.


AIHA offers the opportunity to reach our members through two exclusive Customer E-blasts per month. With a 98% delivery rate and high open and click-through rates, this is a great option to get your message delivered directly to OEHS professionals.

Vendor Directory

After 21 years, the AIHA Buyer’s Guide has a new name: the Vendor Directory for OEHS Professionals. The Vendor Directory remains the most comprehensive buyer's resource for industrial hygiene, safety, and environmental products and services. Through it, we offer detailed information buyers need to make effective purchasing decisions.

Hamilton Club

A coterie of industry partners engaging on the highest levels and on a multitude of platforms. This exclusive gathering of partners is committed to worker health and safety, just like you. Additional benefits/opportunities are available to Club members.