AIHA values the profession and our members by providing opportunities and resources to share their work and recognize those who exemplify excellence and leadership. AIHA Named Awards are given to industrial hygienists and other occupational and environmental health and safety professionals who have gone above and beyond the call of duty in contributing to the growth and development of the profession.

AIHA members have a chance to recognize and elevate their peers for their dedicated commitments to health and safety in the workplace. In many cases, some of those recognized are not AIHA members. The overriding factor is that these individuals' efforts significantly strengthen IH/OEHS professionals' capabilities and improve the health and safety of workers around the world because that kind of work needs to be recognized, valued, and honored.

The selection of individuals for AIHA Named Awards and Fellows designation is performed by the AIHA Named Awards and Fellows Nominating Committee. The committee includes six AIHA members. The committee chair is the current AIHA Past President (Board member), AIHA Past, Past President (non-Board member), and four general membership members. The AIHA CEO and AIHA President participate in the committee's final discussions to ensure objectivity and fairness. The committee chair selected this year’s four general members from our members from six applicants received through the open-call process. The final six committee members included retired, late-, mid-and early career professionals, four Fellows, active volunteer group members, and active local section members. The committee members represented academia, government, industry, and consulting.