AIHA Named Awards recognize and celebrate the accomplishments and contributions of occupational and environmental health and safety (OEHS) professionals of all career stages, who have demonstrated a commitment to preserving, advancing, and ensuring worker health and safety in the workplace and communities around the world.

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Donald E. Cummings Memorial Award for Outstanding OEHS Practice
Steven Jahn MBA, CIH, FAIHA

Steven Jahn MBA, CIH, FAIHA

Nominated by: Celia A. Booth, CIH, CSP; William J. Mills, Jr., PhD, M. Sc. CIH, C.Chem., FAIHA; Emanuele Cauda, PhD; John A. Engel, CIH; Peter Ficzycz, CIH; Robert E. Henderson; James D. McGlothlin, MPH, Ph.D., CPE, FAIHA

Jahn’s leadership in designing and developing the influential 2023 AIHA white paper, Establishing a Process for the Setting of Real-Time Detection System Alarms, significantly impacted OEHS professionals worldwide. Moreover, his organization of professional roundtables, educational sessions, and development courses at AIHce events, along with his role as Secretary for the RTDSC, reflects his dedication to advancing the profession. His initiative in spearheading special topic issues and providing invaluable contributions to various AIHA committees demonstrates his strong leadership and dedication.

This award recognizes individuals who make outstanding contributions to the knowledge and practice of the OEHS profession through demonstrating practical application of OEHS knowledge, advancing the practice of Total Worker Health, expanding the profession through active collaboration via alliances and partnerships, and creating tools applicable beyond the OEHS profession.

Kusnetz Award for Outstanding Achievement by an Early Career Professional
Benjamin Roberts, PhD, CIH

Benjamin Roberts, PhD, CIH

Nominated by Anders Abelmann, MS, PhD, CIH and Jennifer Pierce

As a Certified Industrial Hygienist and Supervising Risk Scientist at Benchmark Risk Group, Dr. Roberts has showcased remarkable dedication and expertise. His extensive publication record, including 22 peer-reviewed articles since 2016 and technical reports for prestigious organizations like the World Health Organization and AIHA, demonstrates his commitment to advancing the field. Dr. Roberts’ research focus on evaluating noise exposure has led to significant insights and practical implications for worker protection.

In addition to his research, Dr. Roberts has played an active role in AIHA, serving on the Noise Committee and representing the organization on councils such as the NIOSH NORA Hearing Loss Prevention Cross-Section Council. He is also a passionate educator, mentoring colleagues and delivering impactful presentations at scientific conferences. This award honors an industrial hygienist under the age of 40 and currently employed in the private sector who shows promise for leadership in the profession. The Kusnetz Award is sponsored by Florence Kusnetz.

President's Award for Distinguished Service t​o AIHA

This year’s President’s Award is presented to the primary authors of the Hierarchy of Controls Task Team who discussed, created, and published the AIHA White Paper “Hierarchy of Controls.” Members of the team include Nancy E. Johnson, DrPH, MSPH, CIH, Project Chair; David S. Abrams, CIH, MSPH, FAIHA; Alexander T. Brown, CIH, CSP, MSPH; Cheryl L. Marcham, PhD, CIH, CSP, CHMM, FAIHA; Georgi Popov, PhD, QEP, CSP, ARM, SMS, CMC, FAIHA; Ashwani Shukla, CIH, CSP, SMS.

Acknowledgment also goes to AIHA’s staff liaison Erin McHale, who kept meticulous track of all assignments, comments, and changes to the many drafts. AIHA’s President, Dina Siegel, gives special appreciation to the 15 additional contributors, guest speakers, and reviewers for their involvement and gratitude to AIHA’s Social Concerns Committee for sponsoring the White Paper.

Yant Award for Outstanding International Service

Laurence Svirchev, MA, BSc, CIH

Nominated by Bobby Sidhu, MsC

Svirchev’s participation in the International Affairs Committee (IAC) has been instrumental in promoting international Industrial Hygiene (IH) practices within the BC community. His annual guest lectures at Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) program Hygiene classes, particularly at the British Columbia Institute of Technology, have facilitated the transition of international students into the industry. Moreover, his efforts in connecting BC Yukon Chapter members with OEHS professionals internationally, encouraging their participation in AIHA National events and the IOHA conference, have fostered valuable international collaborations. He also serves as a crucial liaison between the chapter executive and the AIHA National CEO, strengthening ties within the international community.

This award recognizes outstanding contributions in OEHS or allied fields through academic research, teaching/ education, and/or professional practice to professional societies reflective of a global perspective.