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Currently featured in the June/July 2021 Synergist

Hazard or Artifact?

How OEHS Informs Collection Management of World Trade Center Dust at the 9/11 Memorial & Museum

Since Sept. 11, 2001, it has become increasingly common for museums to collect material evidence of a culturally significant event in real time to ensure its story can be meaningfully and accurately conveyed. But when artifacts are collected amid emergency scenarios, they may harbor hazardous materials. How can OEHS professionals protect museum staff from potential hazards?

Introducing the FR Assessment Tool

When Do You Need to Use Flame-Resistant Clothing?

Understanding, evaluating, and selecting flame-resistant clothing can be a challenge for many OEHS professionals. The new FR Assessment Tool, developed by members of AIHA’s Protective Clothing and Equipment Committee, provides step-by-step guidance for performing a flash fire risk assessment and helps users decide whether FR clothing is needed for a given work task.

A Standard to Help Protect Miners

The AIHA Mining Working Group's Collaboration with the ISO Mining Technical Committee

In 2020, the AIHA Mining Working Group provided technical input on the development of ISO 23875, a standard for mining that specifies performance and design requirements for air quality control systems for operator enclosures and their monitoring devices. The new standard has significant implications for the occupational health of mining equipment operators.

Features from the May 2021 Synergist

Kidney Disease Among Agricultural Workers

Is Extreme Heat Affecting Kidney Function in Outdoor Workers?

An unusual form of chronic kidney disease of “unknown” cause has grown in prevalence over the past three decades across agricultural communities in Latin America and South Asia. Growing evidence indicates that a cycle of heat stress and dehydration during intense labor in hot climates is likely a contributor to the epidemic.

Journey to Your Best Self

The Practical Benefits of Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness

Industrial hygienist Tim Paz met Amy McCae, a mindfulness training expert and life coach, through LinkedIn. Amy and Tim agreed to recreate their discussions about industrial hygiene and the benefits of mindfulness and emotional intelligence, or EI, for The Synergist. This article explores the potential for OEHS professionals to use mindfulness and EI to address challenges in both their personal lives and in their jobs.

Sharks and Swimmers

Evaluating Hazard, Exposure, and Risk During OEL Selection and Use in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Occupational toxicologists and industrial hygienists in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries regularly face questions from workers about their exposures. Before we can answer these questions, workers need to understand the interrelated concepts of hazard, exposure, and risk.

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