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Currently featured in the October 2020 Synergist

Conquering Toxic Materials

Strategies for the Workplace

For many organizations, controlling worker exposures to toxic metals and preventing cross-contamination in surrounding and adjacent work areas are difficult challenges. This article advises how to look for toxic metals in the workplace, emphasizes compliance strategies, and identifies best practices to control toxic metal exposures and minimize cross-contamination.

More than a Logo

Reflections on AIHA’s New Branding and Outreach Initiatives

AIHA’s rebranding initiative does not signify a change in mission or vision; it is an external-facing communication strategy, an attempt to foster excitement for the profession by better explaining the role of OEHS practitioners.

IH Pride

Stories from the Profession

A recent series on the SynergistNOW blog features the stories shared by AIHA members about how their job affected an individual worker, a group of people, or the profession as a whole. On these pages, The Synergist presents edited versions of four recent posts in the series.

Features from the September 2020 Synergist

The Art of Health and Safety

Protecting Stained Glass Workers from Lead Exposure

What does stained glass have to do with lead exposure? A clue is in its more accurate name: “leaded art glass.” In this article, a stained glass conservator and an industrial hygienist discuss their goals for lead safety in the workplace.

Refining Hydrocarbon Exposure Assessment Strategy

Assessing Occupational Exposure to Volatile Organic Compounds in the Oil and Gas Industry

Traditionally, assessing personal exposures in the oil and gas industry was performed using the concept of “total hydrocarbons,” or THCs. But an alternative exposure assessment strategy drops the use of THCs and adds analysis of hydrocarbon mixtures such as gasoline, kerosene, and diesel, also known as light, middle, and heavy distillates.

Pandemic Product Stewardship

COVID-19 Crisis Heightens Risks to Chemical Supply Chains, Business Continuity

Since at least the turn of the century, increasing globalization had raised concerns that supply chains have become so lean and efficient that they are vulnerable to disruptions. When the World Health Organization declared the novel coronavirus outbreak a global health emergency on Jan. 30, these fears began to come true.

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