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Currently featured in the May 2023 Synergist

Occupational Health Disparities

What Are They, and Why Do They Matter?

Since before the establishment of OSHA in 1970, industrial hygienists and OEHS professionals have been striving to protect workers through policies, regulations, research, and intervention. But despite our best efforts, some worker populations and worker groups still experience higher rates of injuries and illnesses, possibly due to occupational health disparities.

A Universal Framework

Using OSHA’s Process Safety Management Standard to Enhance Your EHS Program

When people hear “process safety,” they think of chemical plants and oil refineries. But process safety actually applies to any process that has potential for harm. OSHA’s process safety management standard identifies fourteen elements that are required for management of large volumes of highly hazardous chemicals. This article discusses how those elements may be applied to any workplace.

Last Day on the Job

Workplace Violence and Occupational Homicide

Many industrial hygienists don’t understand how to address the hazard of workplace violence. It is easier to focus on traditional exposures because we have quantified means of assessing them. However, aggression and violence are by no means novel to our workplaces, and as professionals, it is our job to prevent exposures to these hazards.

Features from the April 2023 Synergist

Out in the Workplace

Perspectives on Being LGBTQ+ in the OEHS Profession

Little is known about the experiences of LGBTQ+ workers within specific industries and professions, much less within the industrial hygiene and occupational and environmental health and safety community. This article features interviews with three out LGBTQ+ IH and OEHS professionals to gain an understanding of their work experiences and hear their views.

Bridging the Gaps

IHs Can Connect Ventilation Engineering, IAQ, and Infection Control

From a public health perspective, industrial hygienists are well suited to play a strategic role in bridging gaps in knowledge, terminology, implementation, and evaluation between building owners and occupants, ventilation engineers, and clinical professionals. This article summarizes some of the ventilation strategies and related resources that can aid IHs in this role.

Wearable Wisdom

The Promise and Challenge of Wearable Sensors for Heat Stress Management

When it comes to monitoring, heat is unique since both the hazard (heat stress) and the health effects (strain) can be measured in a variety of ways. Practitioners have the flexibility and responsibility to select and adopt monitoring strategies to fit their needs, but they must also be aware of the benefits and limitations of each strategy.

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