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Currently featured in the February 2020 Synergist

Bloodborne Pathogens Outside of Healthcare Settings

Preventing Exposures to Potentially Infectious Materials Across Industries

When you think of bloodborne pathogens, it’s easy to visualize a medical setting bustling with nurses and physicians and the occasional phlebotomist with a cart full of needles and syringes. But what about bloodborne pathogens that may be present in workplaces outside the realm of healthcare?

Remote Industrial Hygiene: Emerging Challenges, Promising Solutions

Protecting Workers in Locations with Difficult Access

Interest in remote industrial hygiene is growing among occupational hygienists, who are contributing to scientific discussions about occupational health and safety at remote sites and designing practical solutions. How can hygienists best protect workers involved in oil and gas operations, mining facilities, crews for ships and planes, and scientific expeditions?

A New Tool for Preventing Combustible Dust Incidents

Standard Requires Completion of a Dust Hazard Analysis by September

Central to the 2019 edition of NFPA 652, Standard on the Fundamentals of Combustible Dust, is the requirement for owners or operators of facilities with potentially combustible dust to conduct a Dust Hazard Analysis. The standard sets a deadline of Sept. 7, 2020, for completion of the DHA.

Features from the January 2020 Synergist

Advances in Understanding Noise Exposures

Key Findings from the National Occupational Research Agenda for Hearing Loss Protection

The new NIOSH agenda for hearing loss prevention research contains significant new insights from the latest science concerning hearing loss, which impacts communication in the workplace. The document also presents critical new information regarding age correction and vulnerable populations.

Respirator Use at High Altitudes

Examining a Common Misunderstanding about Atmosphere-Supplying Respirators

Does an SCBA (self-contained breathing apparatus) respirator protect wearers from oxygen-deficient atmospheres due to increasing altitude? The answer may surprise you.

Exercising Judgment with Office Furniture

Are "Active Workstations" the Solution to Excessive Sitting?

More employees are requesting to incorporate treadmills, stationary bicycles, exercise balls, and sit-stand desks into workstations. While the health benefits of these "active" workstations may appear obvious, occupational health and safety professionals need to consider their potential impacts on workplace safety and productivity.

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