Included in every issue of The Synergist is the NewsWatch section, which includes short articles and updates from NIOSH, the CDC, EPA, OSHA, and other government agencies. NewsWatch focuses on news, new research and findings, and best practices. Hot-button topics like silica and GHS labeling have appeared here throughout the past year.

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COVID-19 and fatigue. Fatigue is commonly associated with nonstandard work schedules such as shift work, long work hours and the resulting poor sleep or sleep loss from these arrangements. However, it can be attributed to many other occupational, individual-level and lifestyle factors such as work demands, age and health behaviors. In addition to the pandemic's obvious effects on healthcare workers, many workers are experiencing fatigue brought about by working remotely and other changes.

Decontamination and reuse of PPE in healthcare. The authors provide an overview of the PPE reuse and extended use guidance that has been shared by OSHA, CDC, and other U.S. governmental entities, and help readers evaluate the best options for their operations. In addition to respirators, the article addresses how other PPE, particularly gowns used in healthcare, can be conserved.

OHTA's fight against occupational deaths and diseases. The co-chairs of the Occupational Hygiene Training Association update Synergist readers on new course offering.


What's new in hazard communication?

Standardizing IH data. Standardization would allow data to be aggregated in powerful ways. The authors will address the importance of standardization by examining examples from the fields of nanotechnology and advanced materials.


The challenges of sampling peracetic acid. Widely used as a sanitizer in the food industry, peracetic acid is highly corrosive and can cause severe irritation to the eyes, skin, and respiratory system. But sampling for it presents many challenges, especially in poultry processing.

Errors in application of real-time detection systems. Regulators and other observers have discovered that users of real-time monitors often configure them incorrectly, which can have potentially tragic consequences. This article will bring these errors in judgment to

COVID-19 and opioids. The pandemic has complicated efforts to combat the ongoing opioids epidemic. This article examines what the two crises mean for workplace health and safety.

Insert: AIHA's efforts in the fight against COVID-19.


The new OEHS training. The pandemic has revolutionized how people communicate online, with consequences for the delivery of workplace training.

Exoskeletons: the machines are coming. Exoskeletons are making inroads in many workplaces. This article helps OEHS professionals understand exoskeletons in the occupational setting.

Insert: State of AIHA Research Report.

MARCH 2021

5G: what does it mean for my workplace? Fifth-generation technology for cellular networks began deploying in 2019. This article by members of AIHA's Nonionizing Radiation Committee examines potential workplace health and safety implications.

Insert: AIHA Annual Report.

APRIL 2021

Incident management and the role of the IH in confined space rescues.

(Best) practice meets policy: guidance documents, COVID-19, and natural disasters.

How IHs support emergency planning, preparedness, and response operations.

Special section: AIHce EXP 2021 preview

Insert: AIHA Proficiency Analytical Testing Program report.

MAY 2021

An update on chronic kidney disease among sugar cane workers. For years, researchers have struggled to explain the cause or causes of "chronic kidney disease of uncertain etiology," known in the medical literature as CKDu, which largely effects workers in hot environments such as southeast Asia and Central America.

Emotional intelligence for OEHS professionals. Readers will learn practical tips on how to cultivate and increase their EI in service of their personal fulfillment and professional success.

Special section: AIHce EXP 2021 list of exhibitors


Controlling exposures in mining equipment cabs. A preview of a forthcoming ISO standard that will help OEHS professionals in the mining industry address exposures to particulate and carbon dioxide.

Anti-COVID UVGI treatment on archival and rare book collection material. How effective are UV sanitizing devices? This article, arranged by the AIHA Museum and Cultural Heritage Industry Working Group, explores the limitations of UV decontamination as a sterilizing method.


Special issue on Labs - topics to come.

Special section: AIHce EXP 2021 recap


Product stewardship topic TBD.

Special section: Product Stewardship Conference preview


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