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Special insert: State of the art vs. practice survey highlights

Sensor technologies for dust in the workplace. A call to action for coordinating sensor technology efforts worldwide.

State of the art vs. state of the practice. A first-of-its-kind survey indicates areas where OEHS professionals must close the gap between standard practice and best-in-class performance.

Update on exoskeletons. New standards and research have fueled improvements in the ways that exoskeletons are used to help workers complete tasks.


OSHA's top 10 most-cited standards. Every year the National Safety Council publishes a list of the ten most-cited OSHA standards, and the list almost never changes. Why is that?

Responding to water intrusion in a research environment.

How to provide better mental health services.

MARCH 2024

Special insert: AIHA's annual report

Updating the Peter Sandman outrage model. Rethinking Sandman's famous observation that "risk equals hazard times outrage."

DEI and OEHS. What diversity, equity, and inclusion mean to current practitioners.

The IH field sampling kit. What every OEHS professional should bring when they go into the field.

APRIL 2024

Space reservations: Feb. 9; art due: Feb. 16

Managing silica exposures. The story of the Silica Control Tool, an initiative for construction employers in British Columbia.

The OEHS challenges of wildland firefighting.

How to navigate OSHA recordkeeping and workers' compensation, part 1.

MAY 2024

Space reservations: March 15; art due: March 22

Bonus distribution: AIHA Connect

Heat stress: what OEHS professionals need to know. Matching OEHS professionals' needs with the TLV documentation.

Hazards in rare earth mining.

Health and safety issues for handling repatriated museum objects.


Space reservations: April 12; art due: April 19

Benefits of IH data standardization. This article provides an update on efforts first reported in the Dec. 2020 Synergist. Standardized IH data are less prone to error, more consistent, and create opportunities for identifying exposure patterns that may lead to improvements in occupational safety and health.

Infectious disease beyond COVID. How has the pandemic changed our understanding of infectious diseases?

The OEHS challenges of a warming world.

AUGUST 2024 - The Labs Issue

Space reservations: June 14; art due: June 21

Bonus distribution: AIHA Laboratory Accreditation Programs participants

Article topics to come!


Space reservations: July 12; art due: July 19

Special insert: Environmental scan for AIHA education

How to navigate OSHA recordkeeping and workers' compensation, part 2.

PPE for women. How to select appropriate vendors and implement an inclusive protective clothing program.


Space reservations: Aug. 12; art due: Aug. 19

What OEHS practitioners need to know about the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

Using AI and images in OEHS.


Space reservations: Sept. 13; art due: Sept. 20

Protecting against simple asphyxiants. Best practices for lab and R&D environments.

Technology use, fatigue, and burnout.


Space reservations: Oct. 11; art due: Oct. 18

Topics TBD