Being an AIHA member gives you so much exposure in the industry and the chance to develop relationships with your peers. You become a family of AIHA.

Lucinette Alvarado, MS, CIH
AIHA Board of Directors

What's In It For You

Community & Connections

Your membership will keep you connected to OEHS experts worldwide. You will make vital professional contacts with the guardian leaders and heroes of worker health, sharing a wealth of expertise and experience.

Communication & Resources

Be the first to get the latest news, resources, and in-depth articles and views from experts in the profession and allied organizations through publications, e-news, journals, resource center, and more.

Education & Events

Deepen your knowledge and advance your education through technical and leadership programs delivered the way you want it—on-line and in person! You will find ample opportunities to stay current regarding the latest advancements and discoveries that will help you do your job better and earn CIH maintenance points.

Leadership & Volunteerism

Membership allows you to serve in leadership and key volunteer positions, where you will stand out among your peers. From micro-volunteering to the more traditional volunteer model, you have close to 60 technical and professional committees to choose from. Volunteer and earn CIH maintenance points.

Advocacy & Government Affairs

Make a difference by taking an active role through advocacy and government relations. Be the voice that brings about positive change and educates policymakers on the vital and critical role of IH/OEHS plays and the workers we serve.

Student & Early Career Professionals

Develop your strategy for success through professional growth, knowledge, and leadership by working hand-in-hand with subject matter experts and leaders in the profession.

Specialty Benefits

Being an AIHA member is a way to better yourself overall. They put a lot into us as industrial hygienists, and it makes me want to give back, both to the profession and the organization.

Felix Boachie
AIHA Member since 2010

Member Ethical Principles

The AIHA and ACGIH are nonprofit voluntary professional membership associations dedicated to the advancement of the field of industrial hygiene and the protection of health and safety. Therefore, we support quality professional standards and practices and expect our respective members to meet such standards. Accordingly, we have adopted member ethical principles in order to guide the members, support the profession, and protect health and safety.

AIHA Code of Conduct for Members, Volunteers, and Guests

This policy outlines the Code of Conduct for all members and volunteers of the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) and summarizes the behavior expected of members and volunteers representing AIHA in any forum, mailing list, public meeting, or private correspondence.

Filing of Complaints

An online form is provided for any individual to submit written complaints to the AIHA Office of Human Resources. NOTE: Any physical threats or physical (or attempted) assaults should be immediately reported to local law enforcement without any requirement for AIHA involvement.

AIHA Logo Use Policy Agreement

The Association’s logo is a trademark and the property of AIHA. However, AIHA grants a license to use the AIHA member logo to its members in good standing. Only members who have maintained their paid membership in the Association can use the AIHA MEMBER logo. Members are not authorized to use any other logo or trademark that is the property of AIHA.

AIHA restricts the use of the MEMBER logo as stated in the Agreement for Use of AIHA Member Logo.


AIHA allows you to communicate and network with like-minded people. We all have the same goal at the end of the day, and that's to create a sustainable, safer workplace for everyone.

Justin Hoover
AIHA Early Career Professional