Many people d​on't realize the integral role Industrial Hygiene (IH) and Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety (OEHS) professionals play in our daily lives. AIHA is working to change that by encouraging students to learn more about their work and lives through social media.

See what these real-life heroes have to say by checking out Facebook or Twitter and use the hashtag #IAmIH to talk with them directly about their jobs!

What Is IH/OEHS?

I Save Lives

A Rewarding Career Pathway

IH/OEHS Consultants in Today's Gig Economy

Disaster Relief, Recovery, and Assistance

An International Passion for Worker Health

Meet Subena at Gulfstream Aerospace

Meet Tim at Architect of the Capitol

Meet Chandra and Denese, an IH Family

Meet Jessica at 3M

Meet Bob at the Michigan State Police Laboratory