Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Alma Maters: University of Pittsburgh (BS); University of Tennessee (MPH)
Certifications: ASP, STS, First Aid/CPR/AED
Interests: Hockey, photography, and gardening

Born to a multi-generational steel mill family, Melinda grew up working in one of Pittsburgh’s last remaining steel mills. Taking advantage of a union’s scholarship offer, she went to college as a pre-med student, but quickly found it was not for her. Switching to a BS in health services, she graduated and was quickly scooped up by a Tennessee-based consulting firm that recruited her at an AIHce Career Development fair.

After securing her MPH, she is now part of an advisory team at the construction site of a large containment facility for the Department of Energy. While her work in monitoring workplace safety practices and procedures is fulfilling, she is already looking ahead. She began studying for her CIH and was recently elected as secretary of her AIHA Local Section.


Hometown: Seattle, Washington
Alma Maters: University of Illinois, Chicago (BS); University of Illinois, Chicago (MS, PhD)
Certifications: OHST
Interests: Hiking and camping, actively involved in local school board and PTA

Marcus was inspired to build a career in public safety after seeing the debilitating effects of asbestos in his grandfather’s life. Though he graduated with a BS in biology and worked in the safety office of a large construction firm, he decided he wanted more. Intrigued by his prior studies in occupational and environmental health and safety (OEHS), he diligently pursued and acquired a MS and PhD through UIC’s OEHS Education and Research Center. The center recently placed him in a position at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Marcus is actively involved in his AIHA Local Section, helping to organize virtual workshops on current safety topics and serving on a volunteer committee for the national association. He is in the midst of acquiring his CIH and is actively looking for more leadership opportunities.