Online training is readily available, flexible, and often affordable for most professional development needs. In some cases, however, nothing beats the face-to-face learning experience. It all comes down to how YOU learn your best; for those in need of that personal connection, AIHA University offers a range of courses for your professional development needs.

This more "traditional method" of learning has a few clear advantages:


Face-to-face learning provides opportunities to engage and connect with others in a common environment. Being able to work together within a classroom setting helps you learn and retain critical knowledge.


In face-to-face learning, distractions are minimal and your instructor can employ various strategies to keep you engaged, reinforcing knowledge retention.


Discussion and debates in the classroom setting will expand your learning through multiple viewpoints and considerations that may not be as easy to communicate in an online setting.

If you consider yourself more of a traditional learner or find interactive, hands-on learning beneficial to your personal education, consider one of our many face-to-face learning opportunities.