​Prove your competency in assessing workplace exposures and hazards.

Based on the Occupational Exposure Assessment Body of Knowledge Technical Framework, this certificate program provides education on the competencies listed in Technical Level IH 1.

Upon successful completion of the course and assessment, IH technicians can say that they’ve mastered the skills required to gather, document, and report monitoring data and make exposure judgments.

Course Outline:

  • Module 1: Getting Started
  • Module 2: Understanding the Strategy
  • Module 3: Establishing Exposure Assessment Strategy
  • Module 4: Gathering Data for Basic Characterization
  • Module 5: Evaluating Exposures
  • Module 6: Using Controls to Manage Unacceptable Exposures
  • Module 7: Dealing with Uncertain Exposures
  • Module 8: Confirming Acceptable Exposures
  • Module 9: Communicating with Stakeholders
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Why a Certificate Program? ​

A certificate program awards tangible proof that knowledge was achieved and/or skills mastered. ​​

Who Will Benefit

This course is intended for Technical Level IH 1 as described in the TF:OEA. Technicians who would benefit from this program typically have an undergraduate degree in a STEM program and are tasked to apply the fundamentals of IH to gather, document, and report monitoring data and make exposure judgments under the supervision of a more experienced industrial hygienist.

Time to Complete

This course will take approximately 4 hours to complete. Participants will have 90 days to complete the education and take the assessment.

Web Course Materials​

All course materials are provided as PDF downloads via the online classroom (registrant-access only). No hardcopy materials are mailed for this course.

Registrants connect and get unlimited 24/7 web access for 90 days from date of purchase. Materials in this course include:

  • A full e-learning suite of 9 modules incorporating presentation video and interactive activities​
  • Occupational Exposure Assessment Technical Framework
  • A Strategy for Assessing and Managing Occupational Exposures, 4th edition (PDF valued at $130)

To successfully complete this course in the online classroom, participants must view the presentation in its entirety, complete all module activities, and pass an assessment. An online evaluation of the course is included as part of the credit submission process.


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