Most popular webinar recordings of 2019

That Stinks! - Investigating Odor Complaints
Earn 1 Contact Hour

This webinar presents information for industrial hygienists on the process of evaluating spaces for odors. On occasion, the industrial hygienist is asked to find the source of a localized, transitory, or wide-spread odor in a facility. Most industrial hygienists have their go-to list of how to evaluate for the odors. While many odors fit typical categories that industrial hygienists evaluate for, other odors are outside the typical – and the industrial hygienist is left with a space with an odor and uncertainty of how to proceed.

This webinar outlines a systematic process of how to evaluate the odors from collecting subjective and objective information, evaluating site conditions for potential sources, determining whether sampling is appropriate (and what to sample), appropriate controls, and interpreting results. As part of the investigation process presentation, a discussion of odor thresholds is included.

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Industrial Hygiene Statistics - The Next Generation
Earn 1 Contact Hour

This webinar will help the attendee understand the sources of uncertainty and variability in industrial hygiene data, and how to choose a statistical analysis tool, particularly when only a few samples are collected. The strengths and limitations of three statistical approaches - traditional statistics, Bayesia​n statistics, and rule-based statistics – are compared through the application of real-world and modeled data.

Because of the uncertainty and variability in typical industrial hygiene data sets, there are common pitfalls in interpreting the data, even among experienced industrial hygienists. Traditional and advanced statistical tools are under-utilized and often misunderstood and misapplied. The appropriate choice and use of each tool depends on the circumstances and data.

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Developing Respirator Cartridge Change Schedules
Earn 2 Contact Hours

A respirator cartridge change schedule outlines how often cartridges should be replaced and what information was relied upon to make this judgment. A cartridge's useful service life varies based on many factors, and once exceeded, no longer provides adequate protection. Despite regulatory requirements to develop a respirator cartridge change schedule, some users may rely on taste, smell, or irritation of gases or vapors coming through the cartridge.

The webinar explains how gas/vapor cartridges work and different methods of estimating cartridge service life and will help you develop a respirator cartridge change schedule so you can prevent potential exposures and meet regulatory requirements.

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Health and Safety Hazards in the Cannabis Industry
Earn 2 Contact Hours

The cannabis industry has been a lightning rod for social issues, but often missing from these conversations is the impact to the workers in this emerging industry. With varied touchpoints in product processing there are associated hazards – not to mention what we don’t know yet.

This webinar will provide an overview of health and safety aspects of the legal cannabis industry, including assessing and controlling potential exposures to the chemicals used in processing the product and the finished product itself. Ergonomic hazards will also be discussed.

Peter Gendron, a cannabis farm owner, will share his unique perspective on the challenges faced in the industry and Michael Rochlin will draw on his valuable IH experience as he identifies parallels to existing industries for resources and lessons learned.

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Enhancing Worker Protection Through Job Hazard Analysis
Earn 2 Contact Hours

Job hazard analysis is an effective systematic technique for mitigating risk to workers. The most effective job hazard analyses capture the insight of workers who perform the work and the expertise of those skilled in hazard identification and control.

Webinar participants will learn methods and considerations for mitigating risk to workers through job hazard analyses that accurately defines essential job steps for completing the work; identifies and describes hazards associated with each job step; and defines effective hazard controls.

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Most popular eLearning courses of 2019

EIH I: Elemental Industrial Hygiene Webcourse (2014)
Earn 100 Contact Hours

This self study program is designed for EH&S professionals who wish to enhance their knowledge of the occupational health sciences (known traditionally as industrial hygiene). More than 2,000 professionals have taken this regularly-updated course during the past 10 years.

You can use this outstanding study program for an in-depth review, to prepare for a certification exam, or simply to enhance your career opportunities.

Registrants connect and get unlimited 24/7 web access for 12 months to:

  • a full e-learning suite of 11 lessons and final exam preparation
  • course e-textbook and supplemental reading resources
  • an exclusive online community for quick access to downloadable course content and materials

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CIH Crash Course
Earn 24 Contact Hours

Preparing to take the Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) exam is a huge step towards advancing your career.

This online CIH review course is designed to help you focus your studies on the key areas you need to know and has been recently updated to reflect the current CIH exam.

Learn at your own pace with access to the following resources:

  • 24 hours of presentations, videos and practice questions
  • Separate modules for each of ABIH's 17 rubrics
  • Practice quiz questions at the end of each module
  • A 180-question CIH practice exam
  • Access to 400+ flashcards accessible via the quizlet mobile app

​Face your exam with confidence and gain a better understanding of the complex topics covered.

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Exposure Assessment Strategies and Statistics
Earn 16 Contact Hours

This intermediate self-study course introduces key concepts including: exposure groups, sampling designs, interpreting exposure monitoring data, Bayesian statistics and dermal exposure assessment.

One of our most popular and highly rated courses, the workshop also gives participants the opportunity to apply concepts to real-world scenarios through problem-solving exercises.​

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EIH II: Practical Applications of OEHS Math
Earn 40 Contact Hours

This self-study course is a comprehensive course intended for IHs and other OEHS professionals. The course follows the book Useful Equations which covers topics such as: calculation and estimation approaches related to airborne contaminants, TLV and TWA, OA for dilution, fans, system testing, sound and noise, radiation, ventilation, statistics, ventilation, IAQ and more. ​The course workbook will illustrate how to apply 150 equations to the real world of industrial hygiene and OH&S. Each section presents practical applications, short case studies, and sample calculations, both manually and using the IVE AutoCalc Spreadsheet programs.

Registrants connect and get unlimited 24/7 web access for 12 months to:

  • an elearning suite of 7 lessonsdownloadable course materials
  • a course Student Lesson Guidethe Useful Equations (UEq) workbook that illustrates how to apply 150 equations to the real world of industrial hygiene and OH&S
  • IVE AutoCalc Spreadsheet programs
  • an exclusive online community for on-demand and quick access to downloadable course content and materials

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Toxicology Training Online
Earn 6 Contact Hours

This introductory toxicology training material is designed to be used as a reference guide to toxicology that will help improve your ability to understand and use toxicological data/information in your daily work.

Created by a toxicologist and chemist, Toxicology Training Online comprises over 5 hours of video presentations accompanied by lecture notes, copies of the slides used and other handouts. There is also a comprehensive list of online toxicological resources, a full glossary of terms, and comment boxes throughout the website where questions can be posted.

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