To access your educational transcript:
  1. Sign into the AIHA website
  2. Click on "Transcript"
Questions about your educational transcript?

Contact the Education Team at +1 703-849-8888 or via email.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find my AIHA log-in?

Instructions on establishing your AIHA credentials or retrieving your lost password are posted here.

Who is eligible to have an AIHA educational transcript?

All customers who participate in AIHA education, regardless of member status, have an AIHA account and an educational transcript.

What information is included in the educational transcript?

Educational transcripts provide a full record of the last 7 years of AIHA eLearning and Continuing Education courses. The transcript supplies AIHce EXP and Fall Conference PDC certification information and lists AIHce EXP and Fall Conference attendance information for weekday sessions. (Note that education transcripts do not reflect speakers/presenters instruction credits.)

When are educational transcripts updated?

Educational transcripts are typically updated within 45 days of course completion/attendance.

Is the educational transcript listed in my member profile acceptable proof-of-participation?
  • AIHA PDCs, Road Courses & Webinars: The AIHA Educational Transcript is an acceptable proof-of-participation record. Contact hours listed on the Educational Transcript are the values that the CIH reports to BGC.
  • AIHA Conferences: The AIHA Educational Transcript is a partial proof-of- participation record. Additional supporting records are needed; see the BGC website for details. The contact hours listed on the Educational Transcript are the maximum contact hours for the event. The CIH reports the contact hours based on their actual attendance in the sessions, which usually is less than the maximum.
How can I print my transcript?

Print your transcript using the print function on your browser. If you need additional information that is not listed on your AIHA transcript, contact us.

What do the headings on the educational transcript mean?
  • Name: The name of the educational course
  • Activity Date: The date of the educational event. For courses longer than one day, the activity date is the first date the course was available.
  • Credit Status: Passed or Attended indicate that the educational event was successfully completed. Enrolled, No Show or Failed indicate that the educational event has not yet been completed or will not be completed.
  • Contact Hours: This is a unit of measure representing the hours of scheduled instruction in an education event.​
How do I calculate my points for CIH application/maintenance?

In January 2012, BGC asked CIHs to begin tracking technical contact hours instead of points, so the use of contact hours entered in transcripts is consistent with their new rules. For individuals maintaining their BGC certification, the BGC website has additional information on the CM point-to-hour conversion.

I completed an OnDemand course in the online classroom and don't see it listed on my transcript?

Individual OnDemand sessions, prior to 2018, will not be listed in your AIHA transcript. Please print a certificate of completion for your records by logging into the online classroom​.