Understanding and Applying ARECC to OEHS cover

This Anticipate, Recognize, Evaluate, Control, and Confirm (ARECC) Framework provides a comprehensive process to anticipate and recognize hazards, evaluate exposures, and control and confirm protection from risks. It also summarizes the evolution and core principles of ARECC, which fosters a cycle of constant communication, rigorous prioritization, and continuous improvement by planning, doing, checking, and adjusting.

This Competency Framework consists of three technical levels comprising an IH Technician, IH Professional, and IH Expert (corresponding to an entry-level; a level with expanded understanding, knowledge, and ability; and an expert level of practice), along with an IH Management Level. Some individuals work in specific areas of specialty. Others serve as generalists with responsibilities for multiple OEHS functions, with the expectation that they will access in-depth subject matter expertise as needed. The three tiers of technical competencies generally illustrate increasing professional experience and responsibility.

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