Commonly asked questions about certificate programs.

​What is a certificate program?

A certificate program is a training program on a specialized topic for which participants receive a certificate after completing the course and passing an assessment instrument. The goal is to educate or train individuals to achieve specified learning outcomes and identify those who have achieved them.

While you can earn certification maintenance points from completing a certificate program, AIHA certificate programs do not award certifications.

Why participate a certificate program?
  • Gain knowledge and skills that you can apply in your day to day job
  • Provide tangible proof that you’ve achieved specialized knowledge and skill
  • Fit continuing education in conveniently around your work schedule
Will I earn contact hours?

Yes, you will earn a set number of contact hours depending on the course you take. The number of hours you can earn is included in each program description.

How do I prove that I passed?

You will receive a personalized certificate from AIHA as proof that you have passed the program assessment. Your AIHA transcript will also be updated with proof of completion.

How will I access my certificate program?

Your certificate program is located in the online classroom. Login instructions will be provided in your registration confirmation.

Can I share this program with my staff/team?

Certificate program registration and access is on an individual basis. If you are interested in registering multiple people for this program, please contact us.​​​​​​​​

Can I have someone else complete the course for me?

A non-registered attendee may not complete an AIHA educational offering “on behalf" of another party. Doing so means that the individual and the other party are engaging in unethical behavior that is in violation of AIHA’s policies and will be sanctioned by removal of education credit and refusal to allow registration at any further educational offerings. Please note that we also do not allow registered participants to send AI tools to participate on their behalf.