Workshop 4: Dermal Exposure and Risk Assessment Approaches – Not Just Scratching the Surface

September 21, 2023, from 11-1 pm ET

Skin exposure is a potential concern for many workplaces. However, methods for evaluating occupational dermal exposure are less standardized than those for other exposure routes. Comprehensive approaches to dermal risk assessment and management incorporate several elements - exposure estimation, setting of health benchmarks, and consideration for risk mitigation. This session will cover current dermal exposure and risk assessment methods, and explore options for enhancing those practices. The goals of this session are to improve understanding of the strengths and limitations of various approaches for dermal risk assessment and to survey emerging opportunities.

Session objectives include:

  • Describing resources and tools available for exposure estimation including models and empirical methods for measuring dermal exposure directly or indirectly.
  • Assessing the availability and limitations of approaches for setting health-based benchmarks for dermal exposure.
  • Discussing strategies for optimizing exposure control strategies and assessing the efficacy of controls such as personal protective equipment.

*A PDF of the presentation slides from Workshop 3 is available below.

Many Paths, One Goal – Protecting Worker Health: An AIHA-FCRI Workshop Series on Occupational Risk Assessment

AIHA is pleased to partner with the Foundation for Chemistry Research and Initiatives (FCRI) to advance the science of occupational risk assessment by hosting a series of workshops titled Many Paths, One Goal – Protecting Worker Health. The FCRI partners with academia, research institutions, governmental and non-governmental organizations, and private corporations to support scientific research on various chemistries; the development of training programs for the safe use and application of products; and programs demonstrating chemistry’s contribution and benefits to society. AIHA has an active history supporting the development of occupational risk assessment methods.

The goal is to enhance the understanding and appreciation of others’ approaches so that each one can leverage insights and data generated by others to most effectively meet their needs.

Key topics to be covered include identifying data and assessing quality, exposure models, dermal exposure assessment, and risk characterization and management. More information to come on future workshops.

Who Should Attend?

  • OEHS and industrial hygiene (IH) professionals who would like to share insights and learn new perspectives on the scope of occupational risk assessment.
  • Risk assessors and product stewardship professionals who are responsible for managing chemical safety.
  • Chemical managers who want to better understand the diversity of IH data and maximize its application.


  • Provide an opportunity for experts to share information and perspectives on important methodological issues in occupational risk assessment.
  • Build mutual understanding among professionals and stakeholders and enhance communication.
  • Identify approaches to assess data gaps and the need to fill them in the context of performing occupational risk assessment.
  • Discuss strategies to refine methods and gather necessary information.

Format and Outcomes

  • Several short informational presentations to set the stage for the discussion.
  • Facilitated discussion with invited expert panel.
  • Audience members submit questions prior to and during the workshops.
  • A concise report highlighting key concepts, opportunities for advancing practice, and identification of resources.