Ever wonder what kinds of work our IH Heroes do? Well, here's your chance to join one of them during an emergency call to a refinery. Earn your Hero Gear to become an IH Hero!

Along the way, you'll learn about the 5 core tenants of industrial hygiene and occupational health and safety science: Anticipate, Recognize, Evaluate, Control, and Confirm (ARECC).

Got what it takes to get the gear and save the city? Download now and let's find out!

IH Heroes Game Download


1. Download the IHHeroes_Game using right click "Save link as...".

2. Extract the zipfile to a location on your device.

3. Double-click (or right click "Run") "IHHeroes_Start.bat"

4. The game will open up your default Internet browser; it does not need connection to the Internet to run.

5. Post your success/failure on social media using #IHHeroes!

Average game run time: 7-10 minutes.
Difficulty: Ages 10+