Readers who wish to be notified when new JOEH papers are available can sign up to receive email alerts from JOEH publisher Taylor & Francis. The emails are generated when new articles are posted to the JOEH website. Read the instructions below for information on how to sign up for email alerts.

First, please note the following:

  • JOEH email alerts do not provide access to the full text of JOEH papers. To access the full text, you must first log in to the JOEH website as explained in these instructions.
  • JOEH email alerts are not a benefit of AIHA membership. Anyone, including nonmembers, can sign up to receive email alerts.
  • JOEH email alerts are a service offered by Taylor & Francis. Questions regarding JOEH email alerts must be directed to Taylor & Francis support. AIHA staff cannot troubleshoot problems with JOEH email alerts.
  • To receive JOEH email alerts, you must first create a Taylor & Francis Online account. The account is free. Your login to this account is separate from your login. Questions regarding Taylor & Francis Online accounts must be directed to Taylor & Francis support. AIHA staff cannot troubleshoot problems with Taylor & Francis Online accounts.


1. If you don’t already have a Taylor & Francis Online account, go to this page on the JOEH website and fill out the registration form.

2. Once you've submitted the registration form, check your email for a message from [email protected]. Complete your registration by confirming your email address using the instructions in this message.

3. With the password you created for your Taylor & Francis Online account, log in to Taylor & Francis Online.

4. Under “Subscribe,” click “Alerts & RSS feed” and then “New content alerts”:

Email alert 1a

5. Click “Subscribe”:

Email alert 2

6. You have now signed up for JOEH email alerts. On the “Manage alerts” page, you can select a frequency of daily, weekly, or monthly:

Email alert 3a

7. In your email client, whitelist the email address [email protected]. Some workplaces have strict policies regarding email, so it is good practice to periodically check your spam folder in case your organization does not allow delivery of the message.

For questions or concerns related to JOEH email alerts, contact Taylor & Francis support.