Project proposals will be reviewed by the Micro-Grants Sub-Committee under the AIHA International Affairs Committee (IAC). Applications will be evaluated against established criteria, and priority ranked. The sub-committee will weigh available funds budgeted in the 2020 fiscal year against those projects that show the most promise in achieving their stated goals. Final recommendations will ultimately be reviewed and approved by the AIHA Board of Directors in the first quarter of 2020.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: DECEMBER 31, 2019 (11:59 p.m. Eastern)


The intent of this procedure is to provide transparency and consistency for the review and selection of project and training grant recipients.


The IAC Micro-Grants Sub-committee was responsible for developing the application and screening criteria. For each proposal submitted, a team of impartial applicant reviewers (ranging from three to seven) will be formed. Care will be taken to ensure that review team members are not associated with grant applicants or the associated organizations. Project/training proposals will be reviewed by this team, and weighed against established criteria. Ultimately all projects which are approved will be priority ranked. The sub-committee will weigh available funds budgeted in the 2020 fiscal year against those projects that show the most promise in achieving their stated goals.

The role of the broader IAC is to assist in promoting the micro-grants program, and where appropriate solicit, educate, and encourage potential recipients to apply.


  • Each year, AIHA will announce an open call for applications during late summer. Typically the application window runs September through December.
  • Interested parties should complete the Emerging Economy Project Fund online application form (see bottom of page) by the established deadline. You do not have to be an AIHA member to apply.
  • Based on the approved AIHA operating budget (approved by the Board in mid-November), the sub-committee will then be tasked with reviewing all applications received by the established deadline. Reviewers have an ethical responsibility to disclose any conditions which might affect their impartiality in reviewing a proposal, and if appropriate recuse themselves from the role. Reviewers will be provided the grant submission application, and a review score sheet, to complete for each project that they are assigned.
  • ​Reviewers will complete the grant scoring sheet with the appropriate score based on their opinions after reading the grant proposal. Reviewers will use the column headings as guidelines for their scoring.
  • The sub-committee will then prepare its final recommendations based on scoring and available budgeted funds. The group will strive to complete all work within 30 days of application receipt for submission to the AIHA executive office, which will then disseminate to the Board for final approval.
  • Board approval generally occurs during the first quarter of the year.

Additional guidelines:

  • ​There are no defined $ limits per project; however, the AIHA Board prefers that more than one (1) project be considered per year (funding cycle).
  • Funds will be disbursed during the calendar year in which the activities are being conducted. Projects should be designed on a 12-month cycle and completed within this time (which may not match up against a calendar year time frame). For some projects, activities may carry over from one year to the next (within the 12-month time frame). ​
  • All grant recipients are required to provide an update on how the funds are being spent towards the end of a calendar year. Failure to do so in a timely manner may affect the recipient’s ability to be considered for future funding.

Instructions and Online Project/Training Application Form

The following information is required to complete a successful proposal submission:

  • Project contact/manager name and complete contact information
  • Additional project team member names and complete contact information (limit to 2)
  • Project manager/team member resumes in a Word or PDF file format
  • Listing of any official sponsorship or support from AIHA Volunteer Group Committees, Local Sections, Special Interest Groups, and/or other formal AIHA entities
  • A brief project description and justification of how the project maximizes impact for capacity building, increases awareness of occupational hygiene in the subject country, or addresses a specific occupational health/hygiene problem (400-word maximum)
  • A summary project schedule of proposed activities and duration
  • A project budget that reflects all relevant associated costs for all team members and activities, and materials, as independent line items

Please note:

  • Do not start the online submission process until you have all of the required information and time to complete the process. If you do not complete the process​ in one sitting, the system will not save the information and you will have to restart the process from the beginning.
  • To upload Word or PDF file format documents, please use the "File Upload" option.
  • Application Deadline: December 31, 2019 (11:59 p.m. Eastern).

​For question or more information, please email Laurie Mutdosch​.

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Emerging Economy Project Fund Application