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Microgrant Recipients (2021-2023)


The AIHA Emerging Economies Microgrant Advisory Group's (AG) mission is to provide a fair, structured, transparent, and consistent mechanism for funding education and research projects that promote occupational hygiene in economically developing nations.


The vision of the AG is to expand occupational hygiene awareness and capacity globally to reduce the risk of injury, illness, and fatality to workers in nations with the fewest resources.


Established in 2018, the AIHA/International Affairs Committee (IAC) Emerging Economies Microgrant Program subcommittee was created to increase understanding and build capacity for occupational hygiene in developing nations worldwide. Microgrants are funded by the association each year and carry the full support of the AIHA Board; their importance is reflected in the AIHA 2022-24 Strategic Plan: Advancement & Dissemination of Knowledge.

In 2022, AIHA changed the subcommittee to the standalone Emerging Economies Microgrant Advisory Group (AG) to solidify the program and establish a permanent fund to build upon over time. The Advisory Group approach provided greater stability and a better means to track the organizational history of the program. Learn more about the Advisory Group's charter.


Project Proposal Submission

Educational and research project proposals can be submitted on an ongoing basis via the Emerging Economy Project Submission Form. AIHA staff will provide the submitted proposals to current AG members for review and recommendations according to the AG proposal review protocol.

Proposal Selection Criterion

The AG will review and recommend the allocation of funds to project proposals according to the following defined set of criteria: A higher score is awarded to those projects that reflect these parameters:

Organization Eligibility—Preference for projects led by non-profit entities, such as charities, non-government, academic, and philanthropic organizations. Corporations and individuals are not excluded from applying, but the benefits to the project recipients should outweigh the benefits to the individual or company providing services.

Stand Alone Project Addressing Primary Prevention Consistent with AIHA's mission and strategic priorities—The project promotes occupational hygiene through education, research, training, and development.

Development and Promotion of the Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety (OEHS) Profession—The project supports research and development efforts to solve occupational health problems and improve working conditions/environment. Capacity building is evident through education, research, training, and outreach.

Projects Addressing Known or Potential Worker Health Issues—The project demonstrates research on hazardous workplace exposures, outcomes, and emerging issues of control methods to minimize associated workplace risks. It may address any emerging or ongoing occupational health and safety concerns.

Requested Support Does Not Exceed $3,500 per Project—The project that can achieve its goals with smaller overall budgets and still significantly impact regions of greatest need.

Adequately Describes Needs to Make Project Viable and Successful—The project has a high likelihood of achieving its stated objectives within the required project timeframe limits (one year from funding).

Sources of Proposal Support, Technical Assistance, and Collaboration—The project describes how it may fit into a larger picture of regional or host country development through other support and organizations.

Ability to Improve Public and Environmental Health, Achieve Results, Feasibility, and Practicality—Whether, through prior AIHA microgrant projects or other means, a project or sponsoring organization can show experience and success in goal-oriented projects.

​For questions or more information, please email Aimee Thomas.

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