Defining the Science Research Agenda

Defining the Science Research Agenda

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The success of OEHS as a profession depends on cutting-edge research, training, and practical application—elements of a self-improving, evolving system. The members of our two organizations are OEHS professionals and academics who identify gaps both in research and the ways practitioners implement health and safety in the workplace. With the ever-increasing pace of new materials being introduced into commerce, identification of those workers producing and utilizing these materials provides an opportunity for research on exposures and outcomes that can help provide the technical basis for health protection programs.

Historically, AIHA has lacked a defined process for helping researchers investigate areas of concern identified by members and allied stakeholders and supporting the incorporation of research results into everyday practice. To this end, the association seeks to define and manage a standing OEHS research-to-practice agenda. Through this agenda, we can help inform and guide practitioners, academics, third-party research organizations, and AIHA volunteer groups toward engagement with critical research topics. Subsequently, AIHA will be able to facilitate the partnerships necessary to accomplish the agenda’s goals. We can then play a more integral role in preparing students to conduct research on these essential topics and practitioners to integrate new findings into their workplace procedures.

Overview of the Process

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Input from AIHA and ACGIH committees, and other interested parties, is submitted using the web submission form link below. The DTS-AG reviews and scores each research question/problem based on the weighted score, aggregated across the criteria noted below. Projects earning a higher score are preferentially placed on the AIHA research-to-practice agenda and this agenda will serve as a basis for input to NIOSH. Additionally, potential research partners are identified via an RFP process and estimated funding is assessed. Ultimately the AIHA Board reviews and approves all recommended projects.