January 28, 2021

CDC Releases Employer Toolkit for COVID-19 Vaccine Communication

As states begin to vaccinate essential workers against COVID-19, a new toolkit from CDC is intended to help employers communicate relevant information to their employees. The toolkit consists of a variety of free, publicly available, downloadable resources—including slides, FAQ sheets, posters, graphics, sample social media posts, and more—that employers can use to construct a communication plan for informing essential workers of the benefits of receiving the vaccine and for addressing questions and concerns.

CDC recommends that employers adapt the resources in the toolkit using language, tones, and formats that will fit and resonate with their organizations. For example, templates can be customized and emailed to employees to introduce vaccine programs, posters and FAQs can be posted in visible locations or used as handouts, and the sample slides can provide the basis for a virtual or in-person presentation.

The toolkit includes key messages (PDF) that summarize important vaccine-related information that essential workers must learn and employers must be able to convey. CDC’s key messages discuss how vaccines are an effective tool for stopping the pandemic; how the federal government is working to ensure the safety of COVID-19 vaccines; the availability of a health checker smartphone app for people who receive the vaccines; the possibility of some side effects from COVID-19 vaccination; and the need for vaccinated individuals to continue to wear masks and socially distance for now.

Visit CDC’s website to access the toolkit and download available resources. The agency intends to update and add more materials to the toolkit.