April 8, 2021

JOEH Publishes Spanish Translations of Nine Papers

A digital supplement to the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene released in April includes Spanish translations of nine previously published papers relevant to scientists addressing the occupational health and safety aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The papers in the supplement are "Performance of an N95 Filtering Facepiece Particulate Respirator and a Surgical Mask During Human Breathing: Two Pathways for Particle Penetration,” originally published in the October 2009 issue; "Mobile Phones as a Potential Vehicle of Infection in a Hospital Setting," from October 2015; "Face Shields for Infection Control: A Review," from April 2016; "Respiratory Source Control Using a Surgical Mask: An In Vitro Study," from July 2016; "Assessing the Efficacy of Tabs on Filtering Facepiece Respirator Straps to Increase Proper Doffing Techniques While Reducing Contact Transmission of Pathogens," from October 2016; "The Uses and Limitations of a Hand-Held Germicidal Ultraviolet Wand for Surface Disinfection," from October 2017; "How Does Breathing Frequency Affect the Performance of an N95 Filtering Facepiece Respirator and a Surgical Mask Against Surrogates of Viral Particles?" from March 2019; "Personal Protective Equipment Doffing Practices of Healthcare Workers," from August 2019; and "Relative Contributions of Transmission Routes for COVID-19 Among Healthcare Personnel Providing Patient Care," from September 2020.

The Spanish supplement containing translations of these articles is available from the JOEH publisher's website. To read the full-text articles, AIHA members must access the issue by logging in to the AIHA Member Center and clicking on the "member only access" image of the JOEH cover along the left side of the page.