June 3, 2021

OSHA to Join EPA in Listening Sessions on Chemical Accident Prevention Regulations

OSHA will participate in EPA-hosted virtual listening sessions on chemical accident prevention regulations, the agency announced last week in a press release. The listening sessions provide an opportunity for the public to offer feedback regarding the review of risk management program (RMP) regulation revisions completed in the last several years. EPA is reviewing its RMP rule in accordance with an executive order that directs agencies to review existing regulations and take action to address priorities established by the Biden administration, which include bolstering resilience to the effects of climate change and prioritizing environmental justice. OSHA’s role in the listening sessions will be to receive comments on its process safety management (PSM) standard, which contains similar requirements to EPA’s RMP rule. The first session will take place on June 16, and the second will be held on July 8.

“EPA has and will continue to coordinate revisions to the RMP rule with OSHA,” the Federal Register notice announcing the public listening sessions reads. “EPA's RMP rule is intended to minimize public impacts of accidental releases through prevention and response while OSHA's PSM standard is intended to protect workers from the hazards of highly hazardous chemicals.”

EPA seeks comments on topics such as the adequacy of revisions to RMP regulations completed since 2017; how to incorporate consideration of climate change risks and impacts into the regulations; and expanding the application of environmental justice in risk management programs. The agency intends to use input from the listening sessions to inform its efforts to improve RMP regulations. OSHA hopes to gather perspectives on issues relevant to its PSM standard.

Further details about the virtual public listening sessions, including registration information, are available on EPA’s website.