August 26, 2021

Proposed NIOSH Project Would Inform Development of "Safety Skills at Work Curriculum"

A new project proposed by NIOSH would seek to inform the development of a draft occupational health and safety training intervention called the “Safety Skills at Work Curriculum.” NIOSH describes the proposed project as “a first step in addressing the need for evidence-based, foundational [OHS] training programs for the workforce development sector.” According to the agency, the project is aligned with the goals of the National Occupational Research Agendas for healthy work design and well-being, services, and manufacturing, which seek to promote OHS among contingent workers. The proposed project, which would be conducted through a partnership with the Pacific Mountain Workforce Development Council in Washington state, would also aim to inform the development of methods and data collection instruments to evaluate this training.

NIOSH plans to administer its draft curriculum to recruited participants and use a series of surveys to assess areas such as foundational knowledge of OHS, behavioral intention to use newly learned OHS skills, and job safety perceptions.

Comments on this proposed project are being collected until Oct 19, 2021. See the Federal Register notice about the project for further details.