September 9, 2021

Manufacturer Issues Notice About Nonconforming Respirators

A notification distributed by the NIOSH National Personal Protective Technology Laboratory yesterday publicized a letter (PDF) issued by BYD Precision Manufacture Company informing its customers that a small number of the company’s N95 respirators may not meet NIOSH specifications for particle filtration efficiency. The affected respirators are model DE2322. The letter contains instructions for customers to determine whether they have the nonconforming respirators.

In the letter, BYD states that the drop in particle filtration efficiency for the affected respirators is “slight” and that the company “is confident that the affected units continue to offer the user protection in the healthcare setting when used as directed.”

BYD also states that it has already performed corrective actions to ensure the problem does not recur.

Manufacturer notices about NIOSH-certified respirators are collected on the NIOSH website.