January 12, 2022

NIOSH Rescinds Respirator Approvals Issued to ALG Health

NIOSH announced on its website that it has honored a request by ALG Health to voluntarily rescind all respirator approvals issued to the company. As of Jan. 6, 2022, respirators marked with a NIOSH approval label indicating any of the following 13 rescinded approval numbers are no longer NIOSH-approved: TC-84A-9259, TC-84A -9262, TC-84A-9270, TC-84A-9271, TC-84A-9273, TC-84A-9274, TC-84A-9275, TC-84A-9280, TC-84A-9281, TC-84A-9282, TC- 84A-9288, TC-84A-9290, and TC-84A-9292. Due to the voluntary rescission of these approvals, respirators bearing any of the rescinded NIOSH approval numbers may no longer be manufactured, assembled, sold, or distributed. In its announcement, NIOSH urges interested individuals to contact ALG Health for additional details related to the company’s decision to voluntarily rescind the approvals.

NIOSH directs users to its Certified Equipment List to confirm testing and certification approval numbers, which are printed on NIOSH-approved respirators.

For more information, see NIOSH’s website.