February 3, 2022

New Data Visuals from NIOSH Examine Workplace Lead Exposure Trends

A new set of interactive data visualizations are now available on NIOSH’s workplace safety and health topic page for lead, the agency announced in the latest issue of its e-newsletter. According to NIOSH, individuals can use the new visuals to explore the latest trends in workplace lead exposures by year, state, and industry. The data used to support these visuals come from the NIOSH Adult Blood Lead Epidemiology and Surveillance (ABLES) data set. The ABLES program collects blood lead level data from state programs to examine trends in adult workplace lead exposure in the U.S. and guide interventions to prevent these exposures.

ABLES uses 5 µg/dL as the case classification to indicate an elevated blood lead level for surveillance purposes. However, NIOSH stresses that there is no safe level of lead exposure. More information on understanding blood lead levels, including a reference guide containing several regulations and recommendations related to blood lead levels among workers, is available from NIOSH.

Explore NIOSH’s new data visualizations on the agency’s website.