June 16, 2022

Comments Requested for NIOSH Project on Shift Work, Long Hours Training for Nurses

NIOSH is allowing additional time for the public to submit comments about a proposed project to evaluate the effectiveness of the agency’s online course “Training for Nurses on Shift Work and Long Work Hours.” This online training program was developed in 2015 to educate nurses on the risks of shift work, long work hours, and fatigue, as well as convey strategies that can be implemented in nurses’ workplaces and personal lives to reduce these risks. NIOSH’s upcoming project intends to improve the distribution and content of this training and ensure it is fulfilling its purpose.

NIOSH’s proposed project would be issued as two studies, the first of which would analyze preexisting CDC data on registered nurses (RNs) who have already completed the training course. The second study would recruit volunteer RNs who would complete online daily sleep diaries and wear actigraphy watches—research-grade instruments for collecting sleep activity data—before and after they take the NIOSH training course. This study would seek to evaluate the effects of the training program by comparing participants’ baseline data to measurements taken one, three, and six months after training.

According to NIOSH, the agency has received four comments regarding this project but hopes that other affected agencies and members of the public will submit additional comments and recommendations within 30 days of June 13, when information about the extension was published. Further details, including instructions for comment submission, can be found in the Federal Register.