February 2, 2023

Registration Cycle Extended for EDA Registry Program

After considerable analysis and discussion, the subject matter experts who developed the Exposure Decision Analysis (EDA) Registry program have extended the registration cycle from two years to five years. Current holders of the Registered Specialist: Exposure Decision Analysis credential had their registration extended to five years in duration based on their current cycle start date. The Exposure Decision Registrants page on the AIHA Registry Programs website has been updated to reflect this change. Going forward, those who attain or renew the credential will have a five-year cycle.

The Exposure Decision Analysis Registry program recognizes OEHS professionals who have acquired the skills and knowledge to effectively manage workplace exposure and monitoring data. For more information, visit the AIHA Registry Programs website.

To prepare for the EDA exam, consider AIHA’s “Making Accurate Exposure Risk Decisions” online course, which provides nine contact hours of education for free. Learn more and register for the course on AIHA’s website.