March 16, 2023

Updated Respirator User Safety Notice Issued by 3M Scott Fire & Safety

An updated respirator user notice (PDF) issued by 3M Scott Fire & Safety expands the manufacturing date range for mask-mounted regulators that may have been shipped without mounting latch screws. The original notice (PDF), published in December 2022, explained that affected regulators may include E-Z Flo+ mask-mounted regulators with a part number of 200077-60, -67, or -68 with a manufacturing date of Aug. 22, 2022. An updated notice issued this month states that all E-Z Flo and E-Z Flo+ regulators manufactured during March 2022 through January 2023 should be inspected to ensure they are not missing cover screws.

3M Scott Fire & Safety provides instructions for inspecting regulators and says that any found to be missing the cover screws should be taken out of service. Affected users should contact their 3M Scott Fire & Safety Authorized Service Center to complete the repairs required.

The recent notice can be found on the respirator user notices page of the NIOSH National Personal Protective Technology Laboratory website, which lists notices from manufacturers regarding conditions or risks that may exist with NIOSH-certified products.