February 20, 2020

Administrative Rulemaking Corrects Errors in 27 OSHA Standards

A notice published by OSHA in the Federal Register on Tuesday corrects errors such as omissions, outdated references, and tabular and graphic inaccuracies in 27 of the agency’s standards. According to OSHA, the rule revises standards in recordkeeping, construction, general industry, shipyard employment, and longshoring. The revisions included in this administrative rulemaking do not expand, modify, or revoke employer obligations or impose new costs. The substantive requirements and coverage of the standards are likewise not affected by the final rule.

“The purpose of these correcting amendments is to reduce regulatory burdens by correcting the inaccuracies in regulatory text and graphics,” the Federal Register notice explains.

OSHA’s corrections to the standards went into effect on Feb. 18, 2020. For further details, including a more detailed discussion of the revisions, see the Federal Register notice.

Related: In December, OSHA issued a notice correcting errors and clarifying requirements in the agency’s standards on walking-working surfaces, personal protective equipment, and special industries.