October 17, 2019

California Updates Resources Ahead of Lead Poisoning Prevention Week

In recognition of Lead Poisoning Prevention Week from Oct. 20 to 26, the California Department of Public Health has updated its resources for protecting workers from lead poisoning. CDPH’s Occupational Lead Poisoning Prevention Program recently published a new web page intended to help shooting range operators reduce lead exposure and contamination and to help workers protect themselves from lead hazards. OLPPP warns that recovering lead from bullet traps or cleaning shooting ranges can expose workers to high levels of lead. The program also alerts employers that even low levels of lead can cause health damage over time. OLPPP has also recently updated its health-based guidelines for blood lead levels in adults (PDF). The guidelines are intended to be a reference for the care of adults and adolescents exposed to lead at work.

OLPPP’s main Lead Poisoning Prevention Week page focuses on ways to prevent workplace lead exposure and collects resources for employers, workers, families, and healthcare professionals. The program also seeks to increase awareness of how workers can inadvertently expose their families if they bring lead dust from work into the home on clothes, shoes, or tools.

CDC’s observance of National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week focuses on increasing lead poisoning prevention awareness to reduce childhood exposure to lead. Next week, CDC will emphasize facts about lead, lead testing in the home, and blood lead level tests for children.