April 2, 2020

Coronavirus Research from JOEH

Taylor & Francis, the company that publishes the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene as well as several other scientific journals and ebooks, has launched a website that provides free access to research related to the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19. More than 1,400 journal articles are available through the site. Currently, the site includes access to nine articles originally published in JOEH.

JOEH Editor-in-Chief T. Renee Anthony has identified several other JOEH articles that are useful during the COVID-19 pandemic. These articles are listed below. T&F has made access to these articles free to encourage wide distribution of this important research.

The following studies compare the effectiveness of surgical masks and disposable respirators, which communicates important information to understand as certified respirators become less available to healthcare workers:

The following studies examined effectiveness of surface decontamination procedures:

The following studies report important information on PPE used in infection control:

The following contain studies that identify routes to consider when minimizing bioaerosol contaminant transport, including important healthcare setting: