May 14, 2020

New OSHA Video on Heat Stress Coming May 19

A new video developed by several OSHA Training Institute Education Centers is intended to provide guidance on heat hazard recognition and prevention. The free video, which will be available beginning May 19, focuses on helping employers prevent injuries and fatalities from common hazards of working in the heat. According to OSHA, the video is one hour long and covers topics such as heat hazard recognition; planning and supervision; engineering controls, work practices, and personal protective equipment; training; and resources. Interested individuals can register to receive a link to the video via OSHA’s website.

The Training Institute Education Centers that developed the video are located in OSHA Region VI and include the Mid-South OTI Education Center, Oklahoma State University, Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service, and the University of Texas at Arlington. OSHA’s Training Institute Education Centers are nonprofit organizations authorized by the agency to deliver training in occupational safety and health to workers of all levels.