August 22, 2019

NIOSH to Host Two Webinars during Inaugural Respiratory Protection Week

This year, NIOSH will celebrate 100 years of respiratory protection during the first annual Respiratory Protection Week. In 1919, one century ago, the U.S. Bureau of Mines initiated the country’s first respirator certification program. NIOSH will recognize this milestone and the history of respiratory protection during Sept. 3–6, 2019. Respiratory Protection Week is an expansion of the agency’s annual N95 Day, which NIOSH has hosted since 2012. N95 Day primarily focuses on N95 respirators and is intended to raise awareness about the importance of respiratory protection. During Sept. 3–6, NIOSH will host webinars, an online poster session, and introduce new educational products.

Registration is already open for two NIOSH webinars that will be held during Respiratory Protection Week. On Sept. 3, “Respiratory Protection Advancements and Potential Options for Firefighters” will focus on respiratory protection for emergency responders. Presenters will review developments in standards requirements that address changes in respiratory protection and discuss an evaluation of chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear respiratory protection in simulated fire overhaul settings. Two days later, “PAPRs in Healthcare: Facing Challenges Using the Current State of Knowledge” will focus on the current state of knowledge regarding the use of powered air-purifying respirators in healthcare.

For more information, visit NIOSH’s Respiratory Protection Week page. A separate NIOSH page outlines the history of respiratory protection. The September 2019 digital edition of The Synergist will include a special supplement, which will discuss the development of a new voluntary standard for ensuring the proper fitting of respirators.