June 20, 2019

NIOSH Updates Standard Testing Procedures for SCBA, P100 Series Filters

NIOSH has updated two standard testing procedures related to self-contained breathing apparatus and P100 series filters used on non-powered respirators. The first updated document establishes the testing procedure used to ensure that the level of protection provided by the by-pass valve air flow on open-circuit, demand, and pressure-demand SCBA meets minimum certification standards. The second document is intended to establish the means for ensuring that the particulate filter efficiency of P100 series filters used on non-powered, air-purifying respirators meets the minimum certification standards. Both of the revised procedures are intended to describe the tests in sufficient detail so that a person who is knowledgeable in the appropriate technical fields can conduct the tests and determine whether products pass.

PDF copies of the revised procedures are available from NIOSH’s website. The standard testing procedure for by-pass valve air flow on SCBA (PDF) has been updated to revision 2.0 and is dated May 15, 2019. Revision 3.2 of the procedure for determining particulate filter efficiency levels for P100 series filters (PDF) is dated May 28, 2019. More information on standard respirator testing procedures is available from the NIOSH National Personal Protective Technology Laboratory.