April 4, 2019

NIOSH Webinar to Focus on Robotics and Workplace Health and Safety

On Wednesday, April 10, NIOSH will host a free webinar on robotics and workplace safety and health as part of its 2019 “Expanding Research Partnerships” Webinar Series. The series is intended to increase awareness of the topic areas being addressed by NIOSH-funded research and knowledge of areas where new research partnerships can be developed. The upcoming webinar will cover topics such as occupational robotics safety and health research at NIOSH, potential ergonomic benefits of personal collaborative robots in strawberry harvesting, and ergonomics and safety of human-robot collaborations. Scheduled presenters include Dawn Castillo, MPH, director of the NIOSH Division of Safety Research; Fadi Fathallah, PhD, associate vice provost of Global Affairs at the University of California, Davis; and Andrew Merryweather, PhD, director of the University of Utah Ergonomics and Safety Program.

Pre-registration is required to attend this webinar. Further details, including biographies of the speakers, are available on the NIOSH website.

NIOSH plans to host two more webinars in this series in 2019. One webinar in June will focus on occupational health and safety issues of emerging technologies, and another in September will discuss the future of work and expanded focus for OHS.