November 21, 2019

Revised OSHA Page Focuses on Ionizing Radiation Hazards

Earlier this month, OSHA announced revisions to its web page on ionizing radiation hazards. Highlights of the revised page include an online tool that focuses on radiation hazards and controls in the healthcare setting and a quiz that allows users to test their knowledge on radiation exposure, protection, and related OSHA standards. OSHA intends the revised page to be a starting point for technical and regulatory information regarding the recognition, evaluation, and control of workplace health hazards associated with ionizing radiation. The page focuses on ionizing radiation hazards that workers may encounter on a day-to-day basis.

Ionizing radiation sources can be found in occupational settings such as medical and dental offices, nuclear power plants, research laboratories, veterinary facilities, and air and space travel and transport operations. According to OSHA, exposure to ionizing radiation—especially at higher doses—increases the risk of developing health effects, which can include blood cell changes, skin burns, radiation sickness, cancer, and death.

OSHA also recently created a new web page that covers information on protecting workers during radiological emergencies. The agency’s radiation emergency preparedness and response page is intended to help protect the health and safety of workers during a variety of accidental and intentional radiation incidents.