December 6, 2022

AIHA Announces Poppy Crum and Faridodin “Fredi” Lajvardi as AIHce EXP 2023 Keynote Speakers

FALLS CHURCH, Va. (Dec. 6, 2022)—AIHA is pleased to announce Poppy Crum, PhD, and Faridodin “Fredi” Lajvardi as keynote speakers at AIHce EXP 2023. Their presentations will initiate and conclude the association’s yearly conference, a preeminent event for members of occupational and environmental health and safety (OEHS) professions that will be held May 22–24 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Crum is the chief scientist at NextSense Inc. and an adjunct professor at Stanford University. Her presentation, “Optimizing Human Performance Through Technology,” will kick off the conference on May 22 at 8 a.m. Mountain time and will explore the human and consumer applications of rapidly advancing technology. Outlining the many ways that smart technology will improve people’s lives in years to come, she will describe a future society in which companies better provide consumers with products that match their specific needs, doctors more quickly diagnose and treat patients, human brains have evolved to see at the same resolution as computers, and the human capacity for knowledge has been exponentially expanded. But Crum argues that, although society is progressing toward a technology-enabled future that will see enhanced human capacity and performance, this technology will advance, not replace, human interactions and experiences.

Lajvardi will deliver the closing keynote session, “Diversity Is Key to Move the OEHS Agenda Forward,” on May 24 at 3:30 p.m. As a science teacher, Lajvardi found that his background as an Iranian immigrant helped him connect with students in the predominantly Hispanic high school where he taught for over 30 years. His presentation will show attendees why diversity is key to igniting interest in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education, building teams in which members support and motivate each other, and fueling creative innovation and problem-solving. Lajvardi will also discuss reasons why certain teams are successful and the critical role that diversity plays in building resilient, innovative organizations.

“We’re excited to welcome Poppy Crum and Fredi Lajvardi at AIHce EXP 2023,” said Alla Orlova, AIHA’s managing director of education and technical initiatives, “and we look forward to learning from them about how technology and diversity can help us make our workplaces and communities healthier.”

AIHce EXP 2023 programming, including professional development courses (PDCs) occurring May 20, 21, and 25, will be held in the Phoenix Convention Center. Over 4,000 OEHS professionals are expected to attend this year. The annual conference supports participants at all career levels through its renowned speaker lineup, array of quality, peer-reviewed presentations, and numerous networking opportunities. Educational programming will be available in a diverse menu of formats, including general sessions, lectures, poster sessions, exhibitor learning pavilion sessions, pre-and post-conference PDCs, and a virtual component for participants who cannot attend on-site events.

For more information or to register, please visit Press passes are available with proof of credentials. Email Ina Xhani to request a pass.

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