January 24, 2019 / Jason Lobdell

Ensuring Protection of Postal Employees

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In today's world, a fingerprint can be the difference between multiple deaths and a man locked safely away from the public. In November, a Florida man was charged with sending homemade pipe bombs to political figures such as former president Barack Obama and former secretary of state Hillary Clinton, among others.

FBI Director Christopher Wray characterized the bombs recovered as "IEDs," or improvised explosive devices.

How did these explosive devices not make it directly to these high-profile, targeted individuals? It is the United States Postal Inspection Service that we have to thank for intercepting these potentially deadly devices.

The USPIS plays a vital role in the safety of mail being delivered to presidents, to your neighbors, and to you. Unfortunately, hazardous materials are regularly sent via mail. A program manager for the USPIS Dangerous Mail Investigations Unit tells us that USPIS has more than 400 trained inspectors who respond to suspicious substances or items that come through the U.S. mail. Inspectors may respond to as many as 2,000 of these events per year. Often, the substances are classified as non-hazardous. Inspectors were required to wear either half-mask or full-facepiece respirators. USPIS uses OHD’s Quantifit mask fit-tester to keep its employees safe from hazardous materials.

To read more about OHD’s partnership with USPIS, read the full version of this blog post at OHD.com.

Jason Lobdell

Justin Lobdell is a marketing representative with OHD. For more information about the OHD Quantifit Mask Fit Tester, visit OHD.com.


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