November 1, 2022

Listen to AIHA’s New Podcast

In September, AIHA launched a new podcast series called the "Healthier Workplaces Show" in cooperation with multimedia company Healthy Indoors. The program is dedicated to highlighting the efforts of industry professionals who protect workers and their communities from occupational health and safety and environmental hazards. New episodes are published on the first and third Wednesday of each month. The show can be found on most major podcast streamers—Amazon, Spotify, Google, Pandora, and Podbean, for example—and on the website of the "Healthier Workplaces Show."

Bob Krell, an internationally recognized indoor environmental consultant and longtime trainer in the indoor air quality industry, hosts the podcast. He is also the CEO of IAQnet LLC, which provides video production services. Krell has designed and managed indoor environmental projects for commercial, educational, and healthcare facilities throughout the United States and has conducted hundreds of IAQ investigations. He is also a nationally known speaker and presenter on indoor environmental topics, has been featured at industry conferences, and is widely published in trade journals and conference proceedings.

Early episodes of the podcast feature conversations about industrial hygienists’ professional journeys in IH and occupational and environmental health and safety, leadership opportunities and workplace challenges, emotional intelligence, and the role of empathy in OEHS.

Learn more about the podcast and find the latest episodes on the Healthier Workplaces website. AIHA members are encouraged to discuss the podcast on Catalyst, AIHA’s online community.

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